About X-Route 

● Very Small, Portable design. Easy to put anywhere in vehicle or backpack.

 With Motion Detection, it makes logger more effective.

 With Auto Power-On Upon Charging, it gives logger unlimited batter power by several ways.

 Whole driving route reviewed with Google Maps & Google Earth.

 Able to see when/where you have been and how long you stay. Also how fast you drive. 

 Support Excel/CSV file for easily creating mileage reports for tax department

How it works :

Step 1 : Fully charged for each time in use. 
              [Red light ON = Charging / Red light OFF = Fully Charge  ]. 

Step 2 : Press button to switch-on the X-Route
              [Blue light On and Blinking every 5 seconds = Switch-On]

Step 3 : Put X-Route near the car windows or the top layer in backpack in order to get GPS fix easier. 
              [Blue light and Red light blinking at same time = Get GPS Fix]

Step 4: Connect GPS logger with computer to download to X-Route Manager program. 

Then you will able to see the route with details information.  

PS: It won't get GPS fix if the weather is bad or surrounding by buildings.

Tips :

For mileage purpose or car driver:  

After X-Route logger has been fully charged, 
first, go to "Device >  Setting" or "Config Device" in the progarm
un-check [un-activate] "Motion Detection" and check [activate] "Auto Power-on Upon Charging"

Then, plug logger into cigarette charger [car-USB-charger], 
the logger will automatically be switch-on when starting the car and it will be switch-off when shutting the car off.