Introducing the X-Route GPS Data Logger / 
Mileage Logger 

Suggest Retail Price: £129 / US$189
  • Record your driving route / Log your business miles
  • Put on a vehicle, let it drive, and use a computer to see everywhere it was
  • Very small, portable design
  • Runs on build-in Li-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Support Charge and Record at same time
  • No monthly service charges
  • Create mileage expense reports
  • Calculate your end-of-year mileage tax claim
  • Optional magnetic box in case placing under a vehicle is necessary

See everywhere a vehicle went

The X-route GPS is the most affordable GPS tracker. With this item, you can record the locations of a vehicle and then use a computer to determine the locations it’s traveled to.

The X-Route, on the other hand is actually a GPS logger, which means you have to get it back to find out where it’s been. You’ll use either Google Maps or Google Earth to see the exact path the tracker traveled.

Compact design and long battery life

Since most users want their GPS logger as small as possible, the X-Route is designed to be compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It has a very small footprint and is entirely black to be discreet. It also has a magnet for placement in the undercarriage of a vehicle.

Inside of the unit that has Li-ion 800mAh battery, charge by USB cable; you can expect to get approximately 30 hours of actual drive-time. The X-route is motion activated and only draws power when it’s in motion. So if you drive for about 2 hours a day, without connecting car charger or power-bank, the tracker is going to last 15 days before the batteries need to be changed.

The great feature is the unit also can be turned on automatically when plugging into the (car) charger and then turned off when plugging out 
So, you don't need to worry about battery life. (Auto switch-on upon charge function needs to be activated)

The X-route GPS is perfect for:
  • Monitoring the activity of a spouse or child
  • Keeping an eye on employee vehicles
  • Finding out who is stealing property, such as tools or copper wiring
  • X-Route GPS Recorder with silicon cover
  • Software CD with instruction manual inside
  • USB cable for charging and data-downloading
  • Velcro with 3M glue back

How It Works

Easy to use software

There is a USB cable provided with each X-Route unit, allowing you to plug it into the computer. Install the included software and you’ll be able to see everywhere the vehicle as has been by using a mapping technology such Google Earth. You’ll get exact addresses, in addition to when the vehicle started, stopped, and how long it stayed there.

The software also lets you customize the tracker to do things like get a better battery life by tracking less frequently.